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Doom's Day, A Survival Guide

Doom’s Day, A Survival Guide
Part of the 10th Anniversary Luminato Festival
Curated By Geneviéve Wallen

As an ancient power generating station, the Hearn is the ideal site to explore post- apocalyptic/dystopian fantasies and its steampunk/DIY aesthetics. Whether the end of the world occurs due to global warming, bacteriological or nuclear war, there will be a few survivors coming together to start anew, to devise innovative survival tactics, and build a sanctuary from external chaos. Dooms Day, A Survival Guide examines the ways in which the materiality of survivorship can take shape through mimicking scientific gestures. Sampling, observing, surveying, mapping, and creating new protective technologies are established strategies enabling a sense of knowing.The chosen sites on which a new community settles- , namely an abandoned building, a farm, a house, or a vacant lot - has already been marked by past and present life forms which can be acknowledged or silenced by new occupants. 

Franco Arcieri
Tsēma Tamara Skubovius
Marina Fathalla
Nicole Clouston

Younger Than Beyoncé (YTB) Gallery is Toronto’s newest artist-run centre. A nomadic gallery, they bring the freshest art exhibitions to the city, providing professional exhibition opportunities for Toronto artists under the age of 33. This summer, they are delving into Toronto’s underground art scene and moving into the Hearn to present an exhibition Doom's Day A Survival Guide and Apopcalyptic themed Dance Party on June 18th.
This exhibition is free to attend