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Panel Discussion: Inclusivity and Art

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As part of YTB's programming and beginnings, we are holding a roundtable discussion at UrbanArts on the theme of inclusivity and intersectionality in artist run centres. 

We are inviting you to join the conversation moderated by curator and YTB Board Member Geneviève Wallen.

Speakers on the panel will be Robin Fraser, artist, activist and student advocate at OCAD University; Adrienne Crossman - artist, curator, educator and programming coordinator at Xpace Cultural Centre; and Emily Gove, artist, educator and director at Xpace Cultural Centre; Rohan Ramsay, rapper, wardrobe stylist and gallery supervisor at MOCCA. 

As we build a new kind of gallery space that differentiates itself from the current Toronto art scene, our goal is to learn more about what it means to have cultural representation in a multicultural environment such as Toronto, and what it means to be a good ally to different marginalized demographics.

Topics discussed will be:
• Strategies to foster inclusiveness in art spaces
• How to establish sustainable and fair partnerships with ethnocultural arts organizations
• Observations about the Toronto art scene and representation

Join us on the Thursday the 26th of March at 6:30 pm.

Co-directors Marjan Verstappen and Humboldt Magnussen will be there with the board of YTB Gallery

There will also be pizza!