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Closing Reception for "In the dust of this world" and "Show Room" Sept17th

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“In the dust of this world”

Featuring works by:

Patrick Cruz

Ella Dawn McGeough

Dustin Wilson

“Show Room”

Installation by:

Luke Siemens

September 6th - 19th, 2015

Closing Reception: Friday September 17th, 19:00 — 24:00

563 Dundas Street East, Suite 201, Toronto


YTB Gallery is pleased to present two exhibitions by four emerging Toronto artists that explore material in relation to both the neighbourhood of Regent Park and the development of Toronto’s built environment.

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In the dust of this world (change is swift and offers both disaster and opportunity)” is a material exploration into the economic and social issues surrounding YTB’s temporary home in Regent Park; its past and ongoing transition, and the shifts in urban design that accompany these changes. Alongside the gallery installation of sculptural works constructed from ubiquitous construction materials, the exhibition also features two interactive live role playing games organized by “Friends of Ogden Park” – an association founded by Dustin Wilson and Ella Dawn McGeough in the spring of 2014 whose purpose is to organize games and activities that function as a form of research.

“Show Room” investigates the idealized living spaces created in condo presentations centres, designed devoid of the textures of everyday living. There is no dirt, grime, wear or tear— presentation centres stretch just enough reality around a simple structure to make it feel plausible. They are made for cut-out version of people rather than actual bodies. Everyday living becomes concealed. Housing market machinations and construction processes are camouflaged by the artifice of images of imagined living. “Show Room” uses a mix of familiar forms, skewed renderings, and semi-concealed materials to play with camouflage, artifice and superficiality, investigating the prepackaged visions of “lifestyle” and “home” that come to the surface in condo marketing.