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Call For Submissions _U-Haul Truck Exhibition

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, April 17, 2017
Exhibition dates: July 2017
Artist’s Fee: All exhibiting artists will be paid according to the 2017 CARFAC exhibition fee schedule (Category I, group exhibition 6-10 artists).


YTB Gallery is seeking submissions of installation, sculptural, and video works from emerging artists age 33 or younger for a nomadic outdoor exhibition set within and around parked U-Haul trucks. The exhibition will travel in three locations throughout the GTA (locations TBA).

We encourage submissions that critically engage with notions of community building, the cultures of migration, multicultural narratives, intersectional feminism, gestures of decolonization, and Canada’s histories beyond 150 years. Submissions must consider the specificities of commercially available 10' to 26' rental moving trucks, the exhibition’s general public audience, and accessibility.

To submit your application: 5-10 images, CV, artist statement, project description, technical description, budget (estimation of production costs), and contact info.

Please make sure to indicate:

Preferred presentation method, either within one truck or on the surrounding street/parking lot
AV equipment and any electrical requirements, if applicable
Hanging system, if applicable (please note that the truck can't be altered in any way)
Safe local transportation method inside the truck
Production timeline and estimation of production costs
The GTA neighbourhood(s) pertinent to your work, if applicable