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Pick It Up, Put It Down. - A Mobile Video Screening April 20th

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Pick it up, put it down – a mobile video screening
Part of Images Festival Co-Presented in Partnership with YTB Gallery

Artists: Bonnie Tung, Tobias Williams, Alicia Mersy, Sara Graorac, Tough Guy Mountain, J.P. King, Sean Martindale

Thurs April 20, 6:30–10:30 PM
Route Schedule Posted Below

Since becoming nomadic in 2016, Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery has taken its programming beyond the gallery space, partnering with Images Festival this year to present a mobile screening traveling through Toronto on a LED advertising truck. For one night only, YTB Gallery will circle Images' venues with a LED screen truck, crossing the city with a mobile series of short films. Starting at the Royal Cinema from 6:30 to 7:00 for the Opening Night Screening of Tales of Two Who Dreamt, then we will drive downtown for a short stop at Yonge and Dundas Square from 7:30 to 7:45 then to the Opening Party from 10 - 10:30 at 182A St Helens Ave.

Bringing expanded cinema to the nomadic screen, YTB present perspectives on the promise of advertising: what is leftover after consumption, and how the conventions of advertising can be subverted by creative intervention. Bonnie Tung creates a meditative space using 3D modeling techniques commonly used in advertising, Tobias Williams adopts the same media, using it to promote the ‘No Name’ brand, and the personal associations it inspires within Canadian culture. Alicia Mersy and Sara Graorac explore the commodification of self-care imbued in lotions, serums and spa products that promise transformation rather than just hydration. The collective Tough Guy Mountain anticipates the end of capitalism through the release of a marketing campaign focusing on the glories, trials and absurdity of late capitalism. J.P King and Sean Martindale offer visual evidence of how domestic discards are managed by the City of Toronto.

Catch the truck cruising the streets of Toronto on Image’s opening night of April 20th.
Co-presented by Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery and Images Festival
If you spot the TRUCK take a photo and tag us @ytbgallery and @imagesfestival #ytbtruck